1st Event
Date: 09/19
Place: FDC/SP
Subject: Digital Transformation and Service Design
  • Strategies for a complete Digital Transformation through the design of services
Profesor Dr. Victor M. Gonzalez (ITAM/Mexico)
  • Exhibition and Discussion
Profesor Wagner Meira Júnior (DCC/UFMG)
  • Exhibition and Discussion
Eduardo Peixoto (Chief Business Officer - C.E.S.A.R. Institute)
2nd Event
Date: 11/08
Place: FDC/SP
Subject: Culture in the Digital Age
  • Neuroscience for Innovation
Profesor Solange Mata Machado (Invited FDC)
  • Exhibition and Demonstration - Industry 4.0 Digital Printing
Thabata Ganga (Health 4.0 Manager - 3D Criar Fabricação Digital)
  • Ted Talks Sessions
Startups of Civi-co (Atina, Pipe.Social, Prosas and Santo Caos); Gláucia Alves (Consulting Director - Deloitte) and Wilson Cruz (CEO - SeedIn)


3rd Event
Date: 03/19
Place: FDC/SP
Subject: Big Data, Business Analytics and Data Science
  • Data Science and Business Analytics
Prof. Luiz Paulo Fávero (USP)
  • Big Data-driven Decision Making Solutions
Thiago Cardoso (CTO - Hekima)
  • Digital Business
​Norberto Tomasini (Head of Digital - TIVIT)
  • Projects and Connections between Large Organizations and Startups
​André Medina (Innovation Manager - AG)
  • Institutional
Marcelo Jambeiro (Director of Business Partner - Trackmob)
4th Event
Date: 06/05
Place: CIVI-CO
Subject: Efficiency and New Technologies
  • Efficiency through RPA Services
Adriana Moura (Advisory Partner - Grant Thornton)
  • Supermercados Zaitt
Rodrigo Miranda (Founder)
  • Kuka Robotics
Edouard Mekhalian (Managing Director)
  • Organizational Adaptive Leadership
Prof. Paulo Almeida (FDC)
  • Workshop - Utopiar
Renata Rizzi (Founder)
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